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figgy's new OshiGaku fic

It's called "Surrender." I had some reservations about calling it that because I was afraid it sounded too much like a romance novel, but werefox kindly eased my fears.

Summary: There are many ways in which we surrender ourselves. We surrender the idealism of childhood to the hard realities of adulthood. Society compels us into its rules and costumes as we struggle to maintain some sense of individuality. We surrender to our parents, our relatives, and their spoken and unspoken expectations, wanting to please them. We are ruled by countless things that conquer us every day. But we also surrender to passion, and if we are very lucky, love.

*points at summary* werefox said it sounds like a term paper, which I agree it does, but I thought it was important to emphasize how I'm using it as a multi-layered metaphor. Now I feel like a dork because I used the term "multi-layered metaphor." >_<

Anyway, fic.

On a side note: Apparently my InuKai fic, Kanzen Shiai, has been accessed over 3000 times. Thanks to everyone who has read it. ♥
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