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It's Christmas Eve!

Go read werefox's X-mas fic!! (It's from last year, but do it anyway. *SHOVE*)--->

A handmade Usahana with a Prince of Tennis Ibu Shinji finger puppet.

A handmade Purin with the orange cat I bought from a vending machine in Osaka. He's from Azumanga Daioh, but we just call him Orenji Neko-sana.

Handmade Pochacco!

Our family of three Relakkuma keychains. One is relaxing on his favorite yellow pillow, one is listening to his mini-disc player, and one is eating dango on a stick.

Miss Hello Kitty, another handmade felt piece.

The pink bear is Eimy, the mascot of the popular Japanese street fashion brand, Betty's Blue. It's a little inflatable keychain that was a furoku in an issue of Cutie magazine. The Hiei hanging above her was made by me. ^^

ANA panda! He's the mascot of All Nippon Airways. ^_~ The beautiful blue glass fish in the lower right corner belongs to our third roomate, E-chan.

So now I'm back home with my parents, and my dog is sitting on my lap atop the footrest of the sofa and breathing contentedly.

Anchorman comes out Tuesday! ^___^

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